A two week adventure on the Dunia Baru

From US$207,900


  • 14-day private charter of the Dunia Baru superyacht inclusive of 20-man crew
  • Access to seven cabins on board
  • Cruise to and around the heart of Indonesia’s Coral Triangle, including the Komodo islands and Alor archipelago


Gift must be purchased by 31 October, 2017


Superyachts are all one-of-a-kind, but even among such rarefied company, the Dunia Baru stands out. Built with traditional Indonesian shipbuilding techniques and materials, her appearances compliment her interior, which while finished with a uniquely Indonesian aesthetic, has all the amenities and equipment a modern superyacht should have.

It should be quite fitting, then, that there is a two week-long charter to a stunning part of the world on this stunning craft – to the Alor archipelago and around the Komodo islands. The charter of the Dunia Baru comes with a full complement of 20 crew members, and in addition to taking care of your every need, they also have an extensive knowledge of the region.

More on the destination, it’s home to an incredibly diverse range of flora and fauna, on land sea and air. There’s the eponymous komodo dragon, potato cod, malabar grouper and the critically endangered yellow-crested cockatoo, to say nothing of the stunning coral reefs and forests that dot the entire region.

Over the two weeks you’ll spend on the Dunia Baru, you’ll enjoy on-board hospitality, one of seven beautiful cabins and if you so choose, champagne toasts on the deck by the light of a setting sun.

Stunning experiences are also a given, with a bamboo spear whale hunt on hand-carved paddle-powered boats off Lembata (the village is exempt from the global ban on whaling, and they hunt a maximum of 20 a year), a spirit cleansing ceremony performed by headhunters on the main Alor island (no heads will be taken, and none have for over a century) and witnessing the very active, flame-spitting Kumba volcano.

A two week adventure on the Dunia Baru

From US$207,900

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