Bahamian Yacht Charter With A Submersible

From US$750,000

Drift in a bubble through the gin-clear waters of the Caribbean, past stingrays, lionfish and sharks; plunge down to depths below 1,000 feet, where corals and sea species lie hidden beyond the reach of divers; and re-emerge to join friends and family on the deck of your private luxury yacht.

Submersible diving is the newest, fanciest and most exhilarating way to explore the underwater world, with none of the hassle or restrictions of scuba diving—you don’t even have to know how to swim. On this fully crewed private-yacht tour of the best of the Bahamas, you and your guests will have your very own bubble-shaped yellow submarine, operated by an expert pilot, at your disposal for the entire charter, day and night.

This all-inclusive adventure experience, operated by Kensington Tours and available exclusively to Robb Report readers until 1 June, starts at the Ocean Club, a Four Seasons resort, on Paradise Island, where guests spend two nights before joining Lionshare, a tri-deck 130-foot-long motor yacht with an outdoor cinema and a hot tub, for seven nights. Your group of up to 12 will then depart for an exploration of the Exumas archipelago, where experiences include a private dinner inside the 250,000-bottle underground wine cellar at Graycliff on Nassau, snorkeling around the wreck of a WWII-era plane once used for drug- running by Pablo Escobar’s Medellín Cartel, taking off in a seaplane from the deck to tour Kamalame Cay, dining on the sand at a private beach barbecue and rum tastings on remote islands accessible only by boat. From US$750,000, for up to 12 (10 adults, two children) in five cabins

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Bahamian Yacht Charter With A Submersible

From US$750,000

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