Bespoke shoes in exotic leathers from Diamond Walker

From S$2,500

Bespoke shoes in exotic leathers from Diamond Walker


  • A pair of shoes in the leather of choice
  • A complimentary wallet in matching leather worth S$999.

Shoes are available in snake (S$2,500), ostrich (S$3,500) and crocodile (S$5,000) leathers.


If clothes make the man, then shoes must make the outfit. Case in point: a suit immediately appears more casual when worn with sneakers, as hip hop stars wont to do. Put the same suit on someone with more conventional tastes, who is likely to pair it with dress shoes, and it suddenly becomes boardroom-ready.

The best pair of shoes you can get is no doubt the pair specially made to your specific measurements and preferences. Cue the bespoke shoe, arguably the essential accessory for every man with sartorial aspirations.

A visit to bespoke shoemaker Diamond Walker will inspire even the most sartorially-challenged. The brand prides itself on being the more fashionable counterpart of traditional Italian bespoke labels, which they consider a tad unimaginative on the style front. And imaginative, Diamond Walker certainly is. Its commissions encompass a wide range of shoes, from classics like oxfords and monk straps to boots in animal prints, derbys embellished with studs, and tassel loafers, which trends currently dictate to be worn sockless with shorts. Every Diamond Walker shoe is made from the finest Italian leather and hand-crafted in Seoul, Korea.

Join the ranks of the elite with a pair of bespoke shoes in one of three exotic leathers — crocodile, ostrich, or snake — from Diamond Walker, and up the game with a matching wallet (S$999) in the same leather, which comes complimentary with this purchase.

Bespoke shoes in exotic leathers from Diamond Walker

From S$2,500

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