Choose Your Own Space Adventure

From US$60 Million

The maiden voyage of Starship, a reusable spacecraft likely to launch in two to four years’ time, will take Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa and eight members of the public around the dark side of the moon. After that, another billionaire, Dennis Tito, has reserved Starship. Then the options become virtually limitless. Stellar Frontiers, a firm that organises space travel, can arrange for one Robb Report reader and seven friends a spaceflight experience aboard Starship that exceeds all others.

Your group can choose its own “universe first” adventure that will make the other two flights look like training missions: Conduct several Earth orbits over a period of weeks or exceed the other two billionaires’ single lunar orbits by circumnavigating the moon multiple times, traveling farther and spending more time away from Earth. Starship is much larger and more comfortable than existing spacecraft (although you will have to eat freeze-dried astronaut food), so your zero-gravity journey will be less onerous than the average NASA on-board experience. Still, you and your travel companions will require a minimum of four months of training prior to take-off.

Research and philanthropy would be essential elements of the mission, with each member of the group and two accompanying flight crew involved in a project to expand the horizons of science for the greater good of our planet and humanity, as well as raising money for a charity of your choice.

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Choose Your Own Space Adventure

From US$60 Million

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