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To The Arctic with Zetta Jet

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    When you’ve exhausted all the usual places for a Christmas gift vacation, go right to the top – literally. Take your loved one on a private, luxury Zetta Jet to one of the world’s northernmost inhabited areas and stay a night at Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos in Finland.

    This gift will see you soaring northwards in Zetta Jet’s newest aircraft, the luxurious Global 6000, where you’ll relax in a sumptuous, superb cabin with a state room and furnishings that include Hermes linen, fine crystal glassware, plus Wi-Fi to share images of your fascinating journey with loved ones.

    White-gloved service will ensure your every comfort, even at sub-zero degree temperatures. Land in Finland’s Rovaniemi, the official home of Santa Claus just 10 kilometres from the Arctic Circle. Spend the night in a glass igloo, where you’ll be insulated against the Lapland air yet with full views of the magnificent frozen surroundings. And if Santa decides to throw in the Northern Lights as an extra treat, an alarm will ensure that you do not miss the spectacle.

    Afterwards, take a train ride to see Norway’s beautiful Dovre mountain plateau in all its winter glacial glory. Fly back home content in the knowledge that you have travelled to a place that few ever have, and travelled in utmost style.

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