Deep Dive Into Balsamic Vinegar

From US$6,500

For a city with fewer than 185,000 people, Modena, Italy, produces a remarkable array of world-class products: Ferrari and Lamborghini sports cars, Ducati motorcycles, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese. But perhaps the most beguiling and unexpected are its rich and complex balsamic vinegars, which for centuries have been barrel-aged in family attics, with the very best liquid often remaining within the region, consumed at local dinner tables or presented as gifts for special occasions.

Now the Giusti family, which has been producing balsamic vinegars in Modena for 17 generations, will reveal the fascinating processes and traditions behind its world-class aceto through the Private Reserve programme, which allows customers to “adopt” a line of prized barrels—starting from 25 years old, with some dating as far back as a century—and receive a selection of those ultra-aged vinegars presented in elegant, hand-decorated glass ampoules within a handsome wood case.

In addition to the rare vinegars, Giusti is offering a Robb Report reader and their guest a unique Modenese aceto balsamico hospitality experience that includes two nights at the company’s Giusti Borgo cottages in the Emilian countryside, a private tasting at its acetaia and visit to the brand’s museum, plus an intimate four-course meal hosted by CEO and 17th-generation producer Stefani Giusti in the ageing room, which includes barrels dating back to the 1800s. From US$6,500 for the travel experience and 25-year-old Private Reserve programme; price upon request for packages that include older Private Reserve vintages.

Previously published on Robb Report.


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Deep Dive Into Balsamic Vinegar

From US$6,500

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