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Experience Venice From Hotel Heureka

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    The elegant palazzos of the Cannaregio district in Venice are well known. And equally graceful visitors who want to see the city of canals in summer will certainly require respite from heaving tourist crowds. The recently opened Hotel Heureka combines the intimate atmosphere of a home and the lavish beauty of a 16th century Venetian palazzo in 10 vibrantly styled rooms. Located on the lesser traveled Madonna dell’Orto canal, guests will find their accommodation lavishly furnished with four-poster beds, Lacroix textile-drops, and Julian Khol paintings.

    Best of all, visitors are welcomed to sip on a creamy cappuccino under the leafy canopy of the resort's very own secret garden. Walking through a portego - or traditional Venetian passage - you'll arrive at a garden that encapsulates the transitional shift from Renaissance to Baroque architecture, and the perfect setting for breakfast.

    Once the coffee has put all systems into gear, take a guided city boat tour and visit the Casanova Museum in the Palazzo Papafava. With tables under your name at the sumptuous Ostaria Da Rioba, renown for its crab gnocchi, prawn tagliatelle and perfectly cooked sea bass; and Osteria Alle Testiere, famous for its decadent melting chocolate cake and Bronte pistachio cake, you'll sample the best of Venetian cooking and service. Lastly, take a trip to the isle of Burano for a gourmet session at the Michelin-starred Venissa. With seating for 18 diners, yours will be a intimate experience bar none. 


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