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A private Carnival of Venice experience with Damiani

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    Behind the protective guise of a gilded mask, anything is possible. And in 17th century Venice, this meant unbridled indulgence in hedonistic pleasures. Feast, dance, and imbibe, the Venetians certainly did at the annual Carnival of Venice, where an elaborate dress code requiring all participants to turn up in their flashiest costumes and most elaborate masks gave them a liberating anonymity to enjoy without judgement.

    Today, the festival remains a highlight on the city’s tourism calendar, and millions arrive from all over the world to experience the spectacle firsthand. Get into the spirit of the masquerade with Damiani’s Tribute and Legend bracelet. The first is the perfect accessory to accompany any masquerade outfit with bigger amethyst, quartz, peridot and diamond gems shaped to stylistically represent the letters that spell out “Damiani” set on a stunning background of 1176 pave grey and white diamonds. The latter is a beautifully articulated piece with 264 pave white diamonds set on the edges of each segment for the more minimalist festival goer.

    Purchase of both pieces entitles the buyer to a once-in-a-lifetime experience with Damiani at next year’s Carnival of Venice, a private tour around Venice and its surrounding towns, a stay at the luxurious Danieli Hotel, and return flights.

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