Sartorial Style with Uomo Collezioni

SG$60,000 (RM183,000)

• 1 Super 150 Loro Piana Su Misura Suit
• 1 Sports Jacket* or 1 Leather Blouson*
• 1 Shirt
• 1 Belt*
• 1 Briefcase*
• 1 pair of Shoes*
• 1 pair of Cufflinks
• 3 home visits for fitting and styling by Uomo Collezioni’s professional tailor

*does not include exotic leather

Gift must be purchased by 31 December 2015.

The quote “clothes make the man” has been attributed to different revered authors from Mark Twain to Shakespeare. Although the origin of the idiom might be hazy, the idea is clear. A fine suit makes a fine impression. Luxury multi-brand boutique Uomo Collezioni takes this as an axiom, offering a complete wardrobe for the modern gentleman.

The star of the collection is the su misura suit made from Super 150 grade Loro Piana wool. Su misura literally translated means ‘your measure’ and is a tailoring term for made-to-measure. The very fine Super 150 wool measures in micrometers, which means the suit will have reduced heft and is lighter and more comfortable to wear. The wardrobe also includes a sports jacket or a leather blouson, which can be swapped with the wool blazer for less formal occasions. The rest of the package includes a tailored shirt, a leather belt, leather shoes and cufflinks. A sleek leather briefcase completes the dapper ensemble.

You don’t even need to take step out of the comforts of your home for the tailoring service as Uomo Collezioni includes 3 personal visits from their own professional tailor. Talk about a walk-in wardrobe.

Uomo Collezioni

Sartorial Style with Uomo Collezioni

SG$60,000 (RM183,000)

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