Tag Along On Fighter Jets With An Astronaut

US$1.15 Million

Billionaire astronaut Jared Isaacman is going back to space in 2023, two years after successfully funding and piloting Inspiration4, the first all-civilian mission to orbit the Earth. He will command the new mission, Polaris Dawn, a five-day spaceflight that aims to raise millions for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital while also endeavouring to reach the highest Earth orbit ever flown. Lofty ambitions, both.

Isaacman, the CEO of financial-technology company Shift4 and an accomplished fighter-jet pilot, is offering a Robb Report reader and their guest access to the Polaris Dawn crew as they train for their space mission. The experience includes a tour of an aerospace facility, as well as two jet flights: a training expedition piloted by Isaacman in a MiG-29, taking off from Bozeman, Mont.; and a trip in an L-39 fighter jet flown over the Kennedy Space Center, where a rocket may be on the launchpad. The gift recipients will also get to take home the helmets worn that day.

In addition, the experience includes VIP invitations to the Polaris Dawn launch and splashdown parties, hotels and rental cars, a recorded video from the crew in space and one other souvenir: a coin from the mission that will have traveled farther from Earth than any since the last Apollo flight. The fee will be donated to St. Jude’s. Height and weight restrictions apply.

Previously published on Robb Report.


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Tag Along On Fighter Jets With An Astronaut

US$1.15 Million

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