Chefs Cross Borders for the Nobu Crossing Borders menu at Nobu Kuala Lumpur

This September, Nobu Kuala Lumpur will be collaborating with Nobu London for a special three-day star-studded experience to celebrate the bond and camaraderie between Chef Mark Edwards, Executive Head Chef of Nobu London & Nobu Berkeley ST, Chef Philip Leong, Executive Chef of Nobu KL, Chef Hideki Maeda, Head Chef of Nobu London and Chef Micheole “Chico” Anung Dator, Sushi Head Chef of Nobu KL.

From 19th September 2018 until 21st September 2018, Nobu KL will be offering a unique dining experience with the distinctive ‘Nobu Crossing Borders’ menu. The seven-course Omakase menu will see the four culinary maestros come together to curate a menu, the first of its kind, as well as providing guests the opportunity to meet and mingle with the chefs during the exclusive event.

This exemplary showcase of culinary artistry will highlight the signature creations from all four of the chefs’ extensive portfolios, including delightfully contrasting hot and cold dishes, such as Sea Bream Tataki on Chicory, Soy Salt and Yuzu, Hiramasa confit with Yuzu Wasabi Salsa and Smoked Miyazaki Wagyu (A5) with Yuba Cream, paired with a decadent Nobu Style Ice Kacang dessert. This collaboration provides insight into their distinctive cooking styles and individual skills, showcasing the unequivocal narratives behind each dish and the significance they hold.

The ‘Nobu Crossing Borders’ Omakase dining experience will be priced at RM650++ per person. In addition to the special menu, there will be chef Osusume specials from RM55++ onwards, including Wagyu ‘Shabu Shabu’ Salad with Goma Truffle Dressing, Salmon with Asian Pear and Dry Miso, as well as Pan Seared Foei Gras & Unagi with Blueberry Monk Fruit Sauce.

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