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Energetic Emotional Pain Release and Hypnotherapy at Amankora, Bhutan

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  • Negative emotions have the ability to foster a state of stress and cause harm not only to mental wellbeing, but physical health as well. Optimal holistic wellness cannot be achieved whilst these health harming stress hormones keep the body physically and mentally in fight mode. Recognising this, Amankora, located in the land of happiness, will offer the Energetic Emotional Pain Release experience with renowned energy healer and hypnotherapist Tim Stoneman. Designed to heal pain and distress caused from past traumas and release emotional attachments, this experience uses powerful and profound meditation techniques that work with the subconscious mind to promote an overall improved sense of happiness, mental clarity and peace of mind.

    Specialising in stress-reduction, sleep management, and improving levels of happiness, Tim will also offer life-transforming hypnotherapy sessions to Amankora guests. Known to calm the brain’s level of activity down to healthy levels, hypnosis allows harmful, negative beliefs and behaviour patterns to be released making room for new, positive, beneficial ones to take in their place. Effective with everything from depression through to relationships, phobias, weight management and smoking, hypnotherapy is the most powerful and gentle way known to humankind to make deliberate, beneficial life changes.

    The Energetic Emotional Pain Release experience will be available between 16th October and 30th November 2017.

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