GŌNG Bar at Shangri-La Hotel London Unveils its New Cocktail Menu

Inventions are the most important products of scientific knowledge. Without such discoveries, science would merely be curiosity for the sake of curiosity. Honouring the most transformative inventions of human history, GŌNG Bar at Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London, the highest hotel bar in Western Europe, has launched a new cocktail menu entitled ‘A Miscellany of Inventions’. It explores the ingenious inventions and incredible innovations that have impacted society and transformed the world we live in today. Inspired by the creativity of the greatest inventors of our past and developed through out of the box techniques and by combining unusual ingredients, each drink is its own unique creation in a wondrously shaped receptacle. An idea served inside an idea.

Head Bartender Christian Maspes and his talented team were inspired by inventions that have brought about dramatic changes in transportation, business, entertainment, medical care and everyday life. From a compass and its clever magnetic technology that has guided explorers for over a thousand years, to the creation of penicillin that advanced the field of medicine on a global scale, the cocktail menu explores the best of the human mind, celebrating entrepreneurship, creativity and above all genius.

A total of 15 cocktails inclusive of three mocktails span five themed categories, all of which are original creations. Following the same engineering process an inventor would, the team concocted, trialled and tested different ingredients to create a unique flavour for each drink. For example, the Cooperman is made by separating the Ginjo Sake from the Taru barrel and infusing it with Mastiha crystals and leaving to marinate for a period of 24 hours. The ingredients, including a homemade melon juice, are then combined, only to go through a slow filtration process to achieve pure clarification. Meanwhile, the Director’s Cut cocktail, a nod to the success of GŌNG Bar’s 2017 menu, has been put through its paces with a fat wash. Popcorn cooked with butter and salt is soaked in a bath of Don Julio Blanco Tequila in the fittingly named fat wash. The flavourful liquor is then extracted and mixed with elderflower and fresh lime to form a unique taste and an utterly delicious cocktail.

Working with ingredients such as Barley Shōchū, a traditional Japanese liquor made of rice, barley and sweet potato, to Nochino, a sticky dark brown liqueur from the Emilia-Romagna region in Northern Italy, the signature cocktails are as daring as they are surprising. Highlights include:

Chopper 52 is inspired by the creation of the helicopter and is a modern interpretation of the Bloody Mary. In 1939, Connecticut, USA, Igor Sikorsky designed the single engine helicopter VS-300. His prototype took off in 1940 – vertically! As a boy the Ukrainian-American inventor was encouraged by the great Leonardo Da Vinci’s blueprints from the late fifteenth century for the ‘helical airscrew’. Although never built, the sketchers were considered the predecessor to the modern day flying machine. Combining homemade Tuscan tomato water with Erba Cedrina, salty citrus and organic certified gluten free Vka vodka infused with rosemary, the drink features complex herbal notes and is served straight up in a coupe glass with a sliver of ice.

Enthused by Karl Von Drais, the first person to ‘get on their bike’ in 1817, Look No Hands is a robust aperitif with bitter notes and candied orange. Featuring Copper Dog Whisky, Gagliardo Triple Sec, IPA Reduction and Fernet-Branca the cocktail is served straight up in a Nick and Nora Tulip glass and garnished with a bamboo bicycle. Unfortunately, the self-designed two-wheeled vehicle by Von Drais had no pedals. Decades later, Scotsman Kirkpatrick Macmillan changed all that with his pedal bicycle innovation, which propelled him into the history books.

The tractor has had many different incarnations over the years. However, in 1892, John Froelich developed the first successful gasoline powered engine that could be driven backwards and forwards and went on to “reap” the benefits of his ground-breaking invention. Fields of Gold is a refreshing herbal drink with a spicy finish that packs a punch. A homemade cucumber shrub made of cucumber juice, pandan leaves, rice wine vinegar, kaffir lime and Asian green of paradise seeds is combined with Ilegal Mezcal, Ancho Green Chili liquor and dry wine. Served straight up in a short tumbler, vegetarians are warned that the drink is garnished with crushed ants for an added shot of protein.

The new cocktail menu is available at GŎNG bar from Tuesday, 18th September 2018. Located at the pinnacle of Shangri-La Hotel, At The Shard, London, GŎNG Bar is a sky lounge destination crafted by renowned architect Andre Fu of AFSO. The elevated bar provides a vast array of fine wines, spirits, cocktails, champagnes as well as sweeping views of London’s iconic skyline. It comprises two bars – a cocktail bar and a champagne bar, as well as an infinity Sky Pool Bar which opens Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 9 p.m. with a live DJ. GŎNG Bar is open to residents and non-residents Monday to Saturday from noon – until 1a.m. and on Sunday from noon to midnight.

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