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Cocktails for dogs? Smith & Whistle in London say ‘Woof! Yes Please!’

This london bar thinks that man’s best friends deserves to share in liquid friendship

Furry friends can now have a glass of their own at plush bar Smith & Whistle in Mayfair, London. As well-heeled individuals seek to have their pets enjoy the finer things in life with them – like travel accessories – Smith & Whistle has introduced a cocktail menu for dogs. Launched last month in celebration of National Pet Month (when the bar was re-named Smith & Whistle & Max, Max being the most popular dog name in 2017), the new permanent menu was created with the assistance of canine nutritionist David Jackson.

Located at the Sheraton Grand London Park Lane – a mere few steps away from the doggy-walk paradise that is Green Park – Smith & Whistle have four dog-tails to accompany their extensive menu of cocktails and craft beer. Pooches can enjoy Hound’s Hops (£6.50/RM34.80) – a blend of specially brewed dog beer and fresh mint, Bubbly Bow Wow (£6.50/RM34.80) – a ‘Pawsecco’ herbal infusion using elderflower, linden blossom and ginseng topped with blueberries, Pochie Colada (£5/RM26.80) – a blend of coconut water, kale and broccoli designed to keep coats glossy and joints healthy, or G&T Ginger Tails (£5/RM26.80) – a herby tonic with a touch of ginger (which is not recommended for puppies under four months). That all sounds like a treat, so isn’t it time your dog joined in on the fun?

Smith & Whistle


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Published May 15, 2018