Akma coffee brewer

 Wicked brew

The Akma cold-drip coffee brewer (US$5,200, RM21,500) is formidable to behold. Created by the South Korean design studio Dutch Lab, and christened with the Korean word for “devil”, Akma is constructed with a steampunk-style framework of dark aluminium panels, brass piping, and conduits that rise more than 0.9m high. As with most cold-brew coffee systems, the technology is simple and gravity-powered.

Water slowly drips from its 3,000ml borosilicate glass tank through three flasks of ground beans, delivering a concentrated, low-acid brew to the vessels at the machine’s base. Cold-brew drinkers usually dilute the concentrate with water or milk, which yields an especially velvety coffee. The process takes several hours; but the beauty of the machine gives devotees much to admire during this devilishly long wait.

Dutch Lab

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