THE tiffany Victoria KEY

Give a special someone the key to your heart with a brilliant addition to the Tiffany & Co Victoria collection.

Part of the Victoria Collection – a selection of pieces evoking floral visions using round, pear-shaped and marquise diamonds set in platinum – the Tiffany Victoria Key is a sparkling piece that glitters around the neck. Two inches in length, a 0.73 carat round diamond forms the centre of blooming flower, bursting into life with jewelled radiance. A trail of round and marquise forms the stem, becoming the spine of the key.

The original Victoria collection came out in 1998, based on a diamond corsage ornament designed by Tiffany & Co more than a century before at the 1889 Paris World’s Fair. Since then, the line is the most exquisite way to hand someone a flower in the most unique of ways. The Tiffany Victoria Key continues this grand tradition.

Tiffany & Co

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