Regal Occasions

The world’s first luxury whisky gets a restage

For nearly two centuries, Chivas, the blended Scotch which originated from a fine grocery store in Aberdeen, has been enjoyed by a global population including a certain Queen Victoria who granted the Chivas Brothers the first of many royal warrants back in 1843.

For grocery store proprietors James and John Chivas, their pioneering work in blending Scotch malt and grain whiskies was the precursor to the 25-year-old blended Scotch of Chivas Regal created by Alexander Smith and master blender Charles Howard in 1909. This drink was embraced by the socialites of the Manhattan party scene until Prohibition halted its production.

However, 1938 saw Chivas Regal return – this time as a 12-year-old blend of orchard fruits, honeyed apples and vanilla. Its popularity saw the eventual emergence of the 18-year-old in 1997. A decade from that, it got even better with the revival of the 25-year-old. In the restoration of this icon, Master Blender Colin Scott created a rich golden liquid brimming with aromas of sweet orange, peach and marzipan with a mouthfeel of chocolate orange and a fondant creaminess.

Beginning this month, the Chivas Regal line doffs its hat to its provenance and heritage. On the generous round-shaped bottle, one finds the signatures of founders James and John Chivas on the Chivas Regal 12-year-old, reborn with raised shoulders and a dynamic new label.


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