Tom Ford’s exclusive suiting service

 Extraordinary measures

In an age of mass consumerism and fast fashion, there are few who understand the notion of modern luxury better than Tom Ford. His place within the industry is undisputed – retaining an international presence through thoughtful expansion, looking toward the future yet remaining deeply rooted in tradition.

Anyone who has owned (or touched) a Tom Ford piece can attest to the level of excellence the brand aligns itself with. But as with any true menswear brand, offering just ready-to-wear does not suffice. The Tom Ford Made-To-Measure service seeks to deliver more to its clients, from exceptional tailoring to exclusive customisations, all fulfilled at small, artisanal
outfits (pardon the pun).

The fabrics used are spun on 18th century English looms from handpicked, high-quality wool. The textiles are allowed to rest in between stages, to ensure optimum softness and durability, through a production process that spans six months. Most notably, Tom Ford’s wool-silk and wool- cashmere blends are exclusively produced in northern Italy, where the local waters are believed to play a key role in their unique shine. Most suit cloths produced are exclusive to the brand, especially the seasonal ones, which once sold out are never reproduced.

Italy’s Biella, Novara and Padova, known for their wealth of history in tailoring, are where the suits are cut and sewn. An arduous 150-step operation includes hand-stitching the lapel buttonholes and the detachable cuffing of the trousers to allow for proper cleaning. Each suit takes six to eight weeks to be completed. Finally, within the jacket, the name of its wearer and the date it was cut are embroidered as finishing touches.

The commitment exercised by a consumer in procuring a Tom Ford Made-To-Measure masterpiece is akin to the label’s promise in preserving age-old crafts and techniques.

Today, when speed is king and immediacy reigns, it serves as a timely reminder that the best things in life are worth waiting for.

Tom Ford

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