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Alessandro Sabbatini’s jewellery is beauty personified

Absolutely Fabulous

For Alessandro Sabbatini, every earring that he creates must lie beautifully on the ear, flatter the face, feel lightweight, and move gracefully with the wearer. This is no small feat, considering that the Italian designer’s elaborate jewellery often comprises hundreds of stones. To ensure that each earring, bracelet, and ring feels as beautiful as it looks, he sits in a small Paris workshop alongside his craftsmen, helping to carry out his vision through a meticulous process that yields for his brand Sabba only about 40 pieces a year.

Now in its second year, Sabba has garnered a following of sophisticated collectors who appreciate the 28-year-old’s exceptional stones and high-quality artisanship. Among his recent creations are amethyst earrings with diamonds and white agate, amethyst earrings with sapphires and diamonds, oral earrings with diamonds and stacking bracelets with rubies and diamonds (shown here).

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Published July 28, 2016