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Grand Openings – Villa Samadhi Singapore

In a quiet, green corner of the Lion City

The phrase ‘urban jungle’ is often associated with Singapore. Once covered by lush rainforest, the island nation’s contours are now more synonymous with towers of concrete, glass and steel. That doesn’t mean all the green is gone. There are still pockets of pristine jungle left dotted across the island, unified by desire to protect what is left.

It is in one of these emerald enclaves that Villa Samadhi Singapore – the third property of hospitality group Samadhi Retreats – is located. Set among the verdant greenery of Labrador Nature Reserve, one of Singapore’s four protected nature reserves, the 20-room boutique hotel occupies a 20th century garrison, part of the larger British military enclave that occupied the area.

Meticulously restored over three years and opening in January 2017, the hotel exudes the sort of colonial charm that Somerset Maugham wrote about. Wooden louvers, terracotta roof shingles and a monochrome palette suit the sort of linen-shirt-and-khaki chic vibe Villa Samadhi attempts to invoke. Each of the 20 rooms (11 Cribs, 2 Luxe Cribs, 6 Sarang and 1 Luxe Sarang suites) is the sort of self-contained tropical haven that can make it hard to believe that you are a stone’s throw away from furious financial trading and buzzing mechanical cranes. Sweeping walkways and gracefully manicured gardens bridge the gap between the building and the wider 22-hectare Labrador Nature Reserve, where rambling walks will take you past military relics and endemic flora. Sustenance is provided by the adjoining Tamarind Hill, a restaurant in the Samadhi Retreats group known for serving some of the most authentic Thai food in Singapore.

To celebrate the grand opening of Villa Samadhi Singapore, the hotel is offering an Opening Special package, with a 20% off best available rates for stays through 30 April 2017.

Villa Samadhi Singapore
20 Labrador Villa Road
Singapore 119189
Tel: +65 6274 5674

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Published February 20, 2017