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Splish-splash onboard the Tansu Sexy Fish

bringing sexy back

Oh my. What have we here?

With a catchy name and a sleek, angular exterior with all the right curves, Turkish shipyard Tansu Yacht’s Sexy Fish superyacht definitely catches the eye. Based on the shipyard’s mothership platform, the Sexy Fish is built for the 21st century. Vaguely minimalist and military-inspired from the outside, this ship has the sort of brazen confidence that Naomi Campbell has as she strides down the runway.

But she isn’t just a pretty face. Every inch of the triple-deck structure has been carefully planned to afford the greatest amount of space to cavort around. A central staircase connects all levels, smoothly connecting the outdoor bar area on the upper deck with the cooler lounge area in the shade (the crew has their own set of discreet stairs). Oak floors, bright surfaces, furniture by B&B Italia in crisp shades of white and grey keep things breezy visually, while at night, trims of underlights on the furniture and stairs give an appearance of levitation. It is also curiously quiet. And that’s because every single bit of hydraulic equipment has been designed to flow below deck and in the engine room. The thrusters and stabilisers, from Italy’s CMC Marine, are also electrical. The result, motionless silence where and when it matters.

Accommodation comes in the form of a massive owner’s cabin, fit for a prince (or Turkish sultan, in this case), two doubles and two twin cabins on the lower deck. But the only beds that should matter at the sunbeds in the private sunbathing area on the flush foredeck, privacy afforded by high walls of aluminium. There’s plenty of hijinks to get up to onboard, but if land beckons, the party can jump on the 5.5m Novurania tender housed in the main aft deck to head ashore and stretch (long, limber) legs.

Whether at sea or by land, life on the Sexy Fish is wonderful indeed, that the tech specs – twin Caterpillar C32 1,450hp diesel engines with a range of 3,500 nautical miles at 12 knots, if you must know – seem secondary. Just know that she can get you there, as fast or as leisurely as you want. It’s getting hot in here, isn’t it? So perhaps its time to take off all your clothes.

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Published June 16, 2017