Hermès solves the problem of choice with its Hermès Tie Society service

knot for everyone

Although knotting up the right tie can transform an outfit, it is easy to get stuck in a rut — reaching for ties in the same colors and patterns day after day. With the launch of the new Tie Society, the experts at Hermès hope to change all of that, delivering personally-selected ties to members with the aim of expanding their sartorial horizons.

The service, which operates on a subscription basis, includes options to receive a new tie once a month, every other month, or once a quarter. Currently limited to its American clients, to join the tie society, simply fill out a questionnaire that provides insights into your style, the kinds of ties you like to wear and where you primarily sport your ties. Hermès silk specialists will then use this information to personally select the perfect tie to send out to each client, ensuring that they get it right every time. (You may also gift a membership to a man who’s tie-wardrobe could use some beefing up.)

Membership to the Hermès Tie Society also includes special perks like complimentary delivery for tie orders, as well as access to Hermès’s expert tie laundering, repairs, and reshaping services. Members will also receive exclusive access other surprises, events happening in the boutiques nearest them, and for the truly tie-obsessed an invitation to Hermès tie collection premiers in the flagship Madison Avenue storen in New York.


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