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Kenzo and its fifth fashion film – ‘Cabiria, Charity, Chastity’

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Dropping this month is the highly anticipated Natasha Lyonne-directed short film ‘Cabiria, Charity, Chastity’, revealing fashion house Kenzo’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection by its creative directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon. It stars Maya Rudolph as Chastity, a vaudevillian character questing for greater life meaning in a film which charts Chastity’s intriguing encounters with subtext-rich characters such as ringmasters, clowns and mime artists.

Both Lim and Leon artfully toy with existentialist questions that are as surreal as the creations worn by Lyonne’s cast. The conversation-starting production also stars Fred Armisen, Greta Lee, James Ransone, Waris Ahluwalia and Matt Lucas, one that takes the viewer into a parallel universe that’s at once alien, and disconcertingly familiar.

The film’s true-to-life colours come courtesy of director of photography Chung-Hoon Ching, whose previous credits include ‘Oldboy’ and ‘The Handmaiden’; while Academy Award nominee Arianne Phillips (‘Nocturnal Animals’) was responsible for costume design; Kabuki for makeup; and John Maus for music.

‘Cabiria, Charity, Chastity’ is the fashion house’s fifth film, all of which were helmed by different writers/directors. The house collaborated in the first four installments with Gregg Araki, Sean Baker, Carrie Brownstein, and Kahlil Josep.


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Published August 8, 2017