The MB&F Nixie Machine II is retro-futuristic glory

MB&F Nixie Machine II

Nix Generation

When MB&F wants to make a clock, you’d best believe it’ll do so in spectacular fashion. To celebrate the fifth anniversary of its MAD Gallery, MB&F has released 12 pieces of the retro-futuristic Nixie Machine II clock. It joins the ranks of robot-shaped clocks and spacecraft and, of course, the original Nixie Machine.

The second outing of the Frank Buchwald-designed clock displays the time through a series of neon gas-filled tubes set on a steel base with exposed arms and cables. Belying the retro-futuristic steampunk aesthetic of Nixie Machine II is Wi-Fi connectivity that automatically synchronises the clock’s time with the Internet. Various other settings, such as scroll effects, brightness and time zone, are carried out online. Nixie Machine II can be operated off the grid, with a knob on the back enabling manual time setting.


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