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Surf’s up! These new Maui Jim × Vinylize sunglasses are funky and cool

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Maui Jim recently announced a new collaboration that brings Vinylize’s unique aesthetic together with a limited edition run of frames that have a clever Hawaiian twist. The new limited edition Maui Jim Hula Blues shades will be produced in a 6,000-piece run with a choice of Neutral Grey or HCL Bronze lenses.

The handcrafted frames are being produced by Vinylize’s expert craftsmen in Budapest, Hungary, and are then lensed with Maui Jim’s PolarizedPlus2 glass lenses. The acetate layer beneath the layer of vinyl record is decorated with artwork inspired by the original 1923 sheet music of Hula Blues by Sonny Cunha (the iconic Hawaiian composer, bandleader, pianist, singer, and politician). The vinyl itself is cut from a new record by Lahaina-based Tolo, which features their own rendition of the classic track.

Each of the 6,000 pairs of the Maui Jim × Vinylize collaboration will differ from the next, as the acetate and vinyl bonding process is completed by hand. Vinylize has been refining their production methods since their inception in 2003, ensuring that the vinyl is properly processed to avoid any distortion or fading after extensive sun exposure. The Hula Blues sunglasses will come with an appropriately island-themed carrying case and cleaning cloth, though a copy of the record isn’t part of the deal. Thankfully, you can stream the full EP here.

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Published October 31, 2017