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The enigmatic Korloff Noir makes an appearance at the Black Diamond Ball

Paint it black

There were diamonds a-plenty on display at the Black Diamond Ball last October, which was held by Korloff Malaysia in collaboration with Maybank, but the jewel that everyone had their eye on was the Korloff Noir. As the source and the symbol of the Korloff Maison and the inspiration for all of their creations, this 88-carat black diamond – one of the largest of its kind in the world – is the Korloff family’s ultimate talisman.

Thought to bring good fortune, happiness and prosperity to whoever touches it, the Korloff Noir sent a little of its magic sparkling around the Grand Ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental, Kuala Lumpur. Korloff Malaysia’s VIP customers and Maybank’s prestigious card members enjoyed dinner and Parisian-themed entertainment, including a ballet performance and jazz music, followed by a fashion show featuring jewellery and timepieces by Korloff.

Shortly before unveiling the long-awaited Korloff Noir, Bassam Azakir, managing partner at Korloff Paris, paid tribute to it as, “The heart and soul of the company and there’s only one such in the world." Guests jostled for prime position to admire the diamond’s new 88-facet cut and its rich, deep black opaque colour – exactly what one would expect of a jewel insured for US$37 million (RM151.3 million). The event was made all the more significant by the fact that the Karloff Noir resides in Paris and is only brought outside on select occasions, such as for the Sultan of Brunei or the Queen of Malaysia.

Also present at the Black Diamond Ball was Rolls-Royce’s New Phantom in an impressive shade of Belladonna Purple, which embodied just as much temptation as an array of Korloff timepieces and diamonds. Numerous pieces featured the house’s classic 73-facet cut, while guests were also given the opportunity to purchase an exclusive, limited edition Jardin Du timepiece. The watch came engraved with a diamond icon on the back of its case and was imprinted with the date ‘October 2017’ as a precious reminder of the Black Diamond Ball.


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Published January 23, 2018