The new Mercedes-AMG GT R gets a little bit lighter and a little bit faster

utterly ubermacht

The new AMG GT R by Mercedes-Benz (RM1.7million) is a triumph in combining design and performance. With the R in its suffix, this model gains a unique AMG Panamericana grille, more aggressive fascias both front and back, broadened carbon fibre fenders, and a bigger rear wing to generate more downforce. Inside, this rhapsody of style is expressed with AMG Performance seats finished in Nappa leather, and high-gloss black trimmings.

Its powerplant is a more potent 4.0-litre V8 churning 577hp and 700Nm versus the 503hp and 650Nm on the GT S.  A revised seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, enables the GT R to hit 96km/h from a standstill in just 3.5 seconds. Best of all, it has shedded 90kgs, thanks to the generous use of carbon-fibre materials.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

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