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Buben & Zörweg casts a brilliant Illusion with its new safes

Hidden Appeal

Officially, the sculptural piece that houses the optional Signature Fine Timepiece that crowns Buben & Zörweg’s new Grande Illusion safes was inspired by Dubai’s Clock Tower. However, perched on top of a towering black column that keeps valuables – watches, jewellery, accessories, even documents or cash –  safe, it resembles the Tower of Sauron, as visualised by the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. That’s an apt description, given that that both constructions are meant to be impregnable and impenetrable.

Austria’s Buben & Zörweg is responsible for some of the world’s most cutting-edge and visually-appealing safes. With its new Illusion line, it has outdone itself. Like a magic trick, the Illusion safes hold far more than what they appear to. Placing the correct digit onto the biometric fingerprint sensor (or use a transponder chip), the tubular Illusion rises upwards, with containers swivelling out in soft, elegant motions that tickle one’s science-fiction itch. In the Illusion and Illusion Deluxe models, the exterior is clad in ribbed, wavey Nappa or Alcantara leather. In the Grande Illusion and Grande Illusion Deluxe, the leather is smooth, with the Eye of Sauron… oops, Signature Fine Timepiece… adding a menacing spotlight. Deluxe editions are limited to 75 pieces worldwide, with prices for all models on request and dependent on customisation options.

Buben & Zörweg


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Published February 16, 2018