The BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion is exactly that, a delight for BMW fans

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On 22 February, the Malaysian edition of the BMW Luxury Excellence Pavilion was revealed in the heart of Kuala Lumpur: in front of the Mandarin Oriental, flanked by the Petronas Twin Towers and OneKL.

The Pavilion expresses a sure excitement from BMW Malaysia. To the select invitees, it is an opportunity to experience the brand in a more intimate fashion. On display are the bevy of plug-in hybrids from BMW’s current line-up, including the classic 3 Series and 5 Series four-doors, the X5 SUV, and the performance-oriented i8 coupe. The flagship 7 series is there as well, of course, and chauffeured city tours will give guests the ultimate taster of the iconic limousine.

Stealing the show, however, is the Concept Series 8, which was revealed in Malaysia for the very first time. The aggressively styled coupe is seems to be an exercise in retrofuturism — yet we can expect the forthcoming 8 Series Coupe to be very much like the Concept 8.

To complete the Luxury Excellence experience, BMW invited other marques known for such to partake in the Pavilion. These are Dior, Hugo Boss, Moet Hennessy Diageo, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Leica, Illy Coffee and SPACE — there will surely be something for everyone here.

BMW Malaysia

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