Stand out at the luggage carousel with the new Rimowa x Supreme collection

the new york streetwear brand collaborates with the german luggage maker

Inspiration can make for strange bedfellows sometimes. In a bid to allow travellers to spot their luggage immediately as it pops out of the carousel at the airport – Rimowa is understandably luxe, but is getting ubiquitous – the German luggage manufacturer has had a stroke of genius and teams up with American street-wear brand Supreme to create custom versions of the Topas Multiwheel suitcases.

Available in the 45L and 82L sizes, the suitcases retain their aluminium body and TSA combination locks, but are now coloured in fire red and deep black, co-opting Supreme’s logo onto the surface. The unmistakable silhouette has now been made even more unmistakable in appearance. The collaboration is quite inspired, bringing Rimowa to a new audience beyond its usual jet-set, professional crowd. Supreme started as a skate shop nearly 25 years ago in New York City, and has gained so much clout among the urban crowd that it is perfectly natural for Rimowa to want to tap into a new young-gunner, disruptor demographic that views Supreme as both undeniably cool and inherently desirable.

The Rimowa x Supreme collection is available at Supreme, fetching a premium over the basic models. The 45L case is priced a US$1,600 (RM6,375), while the check-in-sized 82L will run you US$1,800 (RM7,175).


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