The So Spa Hammam ritual at Sofitel Kuala Lumpur is simply scrumptious

Polished to perfection

Given that So Spa’s treatment menu takes its inspiration from French gastronomy with an enticing assortment of 30-minute starters, indulgently lengthy mains, and desserts (a leg tonic massage, for instance), its piece de resistance is undoubtedly the So Hammam Ritual (RM590). Within the confines of Sofitel Kuala Lumpur Damansara’s newly opened spa, you’ll be led to one of their two private, marble-lined hammam rooms to sit in its steam room – the first step of this traditional Maghreb cleansing treatment.

After you endure 10 minutes of ferocious heat, a therapist will guide you to a raised marble treatment bed cushioned with a Turkish towel, and lather you up with black, eucalyptus-scented Moroccan olive soap in preparation for the gommage. This means being scrubbed with a roughly textured Kassa glove made from plant-derived cellulose, which relieves you – efficiently and effectively – of multiple layers of dull, dry skin.

Now glowing and buttery smooth, you’ll be briefly steamed and sudsed up once more – this time with an inflated towel that covers you in thick soap bubbles – before your therapist gently rinses you down with water from a copper ewer. Once you’ve dried off and have paused to sample So SPA’s selection of herbal infusions (try their passionfruit tea) and nibbles, your 120-minute treatment closes with a full-body massage using tea elixir and rich, ultra-moisturising Argan oil.

Sofitel Kuala Lumpur

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