Heinz Mayer and Wah Group Present Jewellery Fit for Royalty

Diamonds are everyone’s Best friend

This German family-owned jewellery brand has an uninterrupted history of over 400 years and that heritage has seen Heinz Mayer produce pieces for Harry Winston, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and De Beers. Recently the Wah Chan Group invited brand ambassador Frank Mayer for a 3-day visit to Kuala Lumpur.

An entertaining host and consummate businessman, Mayer spoke candidly at the event about the life and times of his family tradition, before showcasing jewellery pieces that once been presented to Her Majesty the Queen of England for her consideration (both European and Middle Eastern royalties maintain strong ties with the company). Among these were the patented Rolling Diamonds bracelet – crowned by De Beers as the world’s best diamond-line bracelet, and full eternity rings in the ‘Paragon’ style or with Assher-cut diamonds. Other priceless trinkets include the much sought-after Paraiba tourmalines on pendants, ear-rings, bracelets, and brown diamond bracelets.

Another highlight was Rolls Royce Centenary Bracelet – the only licensed piece of jewellery ever ordered by the auto maker. To conceptualise the marque’s 100th birthday, Heinz Mayer took a classic design cue that’s remain unchanged over the years – the traditional organ-stop – and linked it into an elegant bracelet reserved for owners of the Rolls Royce Centenary Phantom car.

Amid the gleam and glitter of jewels, Robb Report Malaysia also managed to take Frank Mayer side for a few quick questions.

What’s the most eye-catching diamond or gem to catch your eye?

This is a wonderful question, since it points directly to the emotional face of jewellery.

I would choose the diamond pendant my mum wore when I was little. It was a 2 carat pear shape in D color, of flawless purity, with a bit of fluorescence, which gave it a blueish touch. In my day, this colour combination was called a “Jager” stone in traditional diamond terminology. Since my father was a master diamond cutter, he personally cut and polished the stone and did a wonderful job. The stone was set in a very simple, fine Yellow Gold frame, bringing out the real beauty of it. I never forget the sparkle that surrounded my mum whenever she wore this piece. Even today it warms up my heart just thinking about it. The stone is still in the possession of the family so the legend of her, in a way, carries on.

The most beautiful gem I ever saw were the cufflinks of my grandfather, which were made out of Chrysoberryl – Cat’s-eyes Cabouchons, set in delicate rose gold. It was such an elegant appearance and a different, almost mystical look at his cuffs. I proudly wear them today which I regard as a huge privilege. Jewellery is a wonderful emotional product and everybody connects different stories and moments of family history with them. 

After a lifetime buying and selling the best jewellery in the world, is there anything that still surprises you? 

A clear yes! The variety and wisdom of Mother Nature still surprises me every day. Each gemstone I look at surprises me, like every human being you meet always has a facet or some facets that surprise you. Plus new gems are being discovered every now and then. Just think about the discoveries of Paraiba Tourmalines in Brazil and Africa, reminding us of the oceans, as well as Mandarin Garnets, bright orang like the sunshine, or Namibian Tourmalines with their rich green warmth, to mention just a few. Every gem surprises me and certainly delights my heart.

What are your personal business principles?

The most important philosophy for Heinz Mayer is the strive for beauty and superb craftsmanship. We deeply reject following a “weight concept”, instead of bringing out the best in a gemstone, or a diamond. It is a “beauty concept” we believe in!

We are working with gifts of nature, with gifts of God. It is a privilege for us to do so but we must act with tremendous respect and humility. And the longer I am in this wonderful business, the more I understand that we all have to be so tremendously humble in front of the natural wonders we work with and the emotions we create, by crafting masterpieces to mark the most important moments in the history of our customers and their families and beloved ones.

What pieces will the Wah Chan Group feature in stores on behalf of Heinz Mayer?

First, we all want to test the ground; if the Malaysian jewellery market is ready for a high end, independent German jewellery brand. We are a small family business, with an uninterrupted family tradition in the world of jewellery and precious stones since 1599, now being in the 16th generation. We do not have advertising and marketing budgets like the big players, who are all parts of huge corporations or global groups!

It takes a very mature and experienced jewellery connoisseur to understand the craftsmanship and quality of our masterpieces. So far, the response of the Malaysian customers have been delightingly welcoming and appreciative. But we are only at the first day of our showing in this country and therefore should be a bit careful in our evaluation. At the end of our event, we might have a better understanding of things. 


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