Entering This Virtual World Feels Like You’ve Been To The Future And Back

Virtually Authentic

Experience hyper-reality courtesy of Resorts World Genting, in a fully immersive 7000 square foot facility named The Void. Located at the newly christened Skytropolis Funland, guests are placed inside a new chapter of George Lucas’s universe called Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire. Wearing a wireless harness, you’re free to explore a massive virtual space that’s mapped onto a physical maze. This means you can reach out and flick switches, punch buttons, shake a droid’s hand or shoot a blaster.

And that harness? It’s a haptic vest that registers hits if you’re careless enough to get shot. Plus, it contains a host of sensory effects that match the head-mounted display. For instance, you might be in hovering skiff and feel the wind in your hair. In another section under heavy enemy attack, organise your team to lay down cover fire while another member figures out how to open an escape hatch. The animation is so good you’ll have to pinch yourself as a reminder the pressure is all in your head.

With an initial invest of RM10million, Resorts World Genting expects The Void experience to grow with more content featuring Hollywood’s biggest attractions.


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