Scale Up Workplace Creativity With Steelcase Furniture


Office furniture has a direct impact on your productivity. Whether it’s preserving your lumbar region or a cosy cocoon for laser-like focus, the right equipment enhances performance. To proselytise this mantra a refreshed Steelcase Business Centre was recently unveiled in Kuala Lumpur. A global leader for bespoke work spaces, their designs are tailored for agile, mobile and innovative companies who value creative thinking and collaborative efforts.

As Cherry Wan, Director of Brand Communication Asia Pacific remarks, “Work used to be driven by efficiency with an intentionally linear process divided into parts in which individuals would specialise. However, today’s problems are so much more complex – it requires people and ideas to converge and diverge in a different work process.”

Her sentiments are echoed by colleague Toby Rakison, Regional Director, South East Asia as he says, “Research shows that 72% of people at work today believe their future success depends on their ability to be creative. People need a new set of creative tools – spaces and technologies – that support the creative process.”

Towards these ideals, Steelcase has designed five distinct spaces to support teams as they move through varying creative stages. Each incorporates the Steelcase Series 1 office chairs and SILQ materials that respond to the unique movements of each body. In addition, the Brody WorkLounge and Desk series are private nooks to help folks get away without going away, and oriented towards open-plan offices. Lastly, the furniture firm also promotes Casper Cloaking Technology. This film is applied to glass walls to obscure digital screens from outside view.


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