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9 Best (and Shiniest) Luxury Upgrades You Should Have By Now

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Start living the best life, depending on your philosophical leanings, with some of the latest luxury upgrades available in the market. This roundup includes the latest drive from Rolls-Royce, the latest lavish stays from The Mark Hotel, delicious whiskys from Paul JohnMortlach the most bling watches from CVSTOS, Hautlence and Chopard, and seductive wear from Maison Close and Coco de Mer.

Enjoy the sweetness of life these luxury upgrades provide and the good memories they may bring. And we’re not just talking about the lingerie.












1. Back in Black (or Red)

The Rolls-Royce Black Badge edition cars are for the young and young at heart.

The formidable and iconic offerings from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, the four-door Ghost (RM2.28 million) and the two-door Wraith (RM2.30 million) are back in Malaysia with a daring new look. The Black Badge editions are based on the familiar 6.6-litre V12-powered base models, tweaked slightly for extra output—and with an overhauled, edgy aesthetic that overlays a youthful and dynamic spirit over the legendary Rolls-Royce luxury and magic carpet ride. 


2. A Fine Indian Dram

Malaysia sees a new range of Indian single malt whisky, courtesy of Paul John.

With the exception of peat imported from Scotland, Paul John whisky is a proudly Indian spirit, made from barley grown in the foothills of the Himalayas and malted near Delhi. The brand’s seaside distillery is in the state of Goa, where it can take advantage of the sweet groundwater. The core range of Scotch-style single malts comes in three styles; the elegant and easy-going Brilliance (RM500), the slightly peated and balanced Edited (RM600), and the heavily peated and characterful Bold (RM600). Whisky fans will be pleased to note the 46% ABV, no chill filtering and no added colour. 

Paul John Whisky

3. The Sky is No Limit

The CVSTOS Jetliner II P-S is a bold new take on aviation-inspired timekeeping.

Geneva-based CVSTOS was never one for the faint of wrist, and the new Jetliner II P-S (from RM50,624) is no exception. It is a large and bold tonneau-shaped piece that has an eye-catching open-worked dial and skeleton hands, as well as the brand’s own take on the small seconds indicator. The new CVS-410 movement developed specially for this timepiece boasts of some innovative technologies, including a system of two ‘anti-rattling’ magnets that improves efficiency and performance. 


4. Dufftown Ferocity

Mortlach 20-year-old “Cowie’s Blue Seal” is a fiery, soul-satiating dram.

Paying homage to previous Mortlach bottlings of the brand’s halcyon days, this new 20-year-old resurrects the “Cowie’s Blue Seal" moniker which was formerly stamped on bottles from 1909 all the way to the 1970’s. This expression upsets Speyside decorum with distinctly weighty aromas and a luxuriously oily mouthfeel.

The product of Mortlach’s unusual 2.81 distillation process (more than double, less than triple), this dram offers notes of bitter cocoa, hints of clove and veritable meat gravy. It is rich and wholly enveloping on the palate, filling your jawline with savoury cinnamon and all-spice.

Living up to its reputation as the Beast of Dufftown, Mortlach’s 20-year-old whisky is both delicious and bold. 


5. Make Your Mark

For an unforgettably lavish New York treat, look no further than The Mark Hotel’s penthouse.

So exceptional is The Mark Penthouse (priced at USD75,000 or RM312,712 per night) that legendary French interior designer Jacques Grange described it as ‘a castle in the sky’. With five bedrooms, four fireplaces, six bathrooms, and two wet bars spread out over 1,114 square metres, it remains the largest hotel penthouse suite in the United States. Alongside its views of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Central Park, a private rooftop terrace and elevator, and an expansive library lounge, the penthouse also comes with The Mark Hotel’s signature ‘It’s a given’ service. A click of your fingers, and they’ll arrange anything from suit tailoring at midnight from Bergdorf Goodman to the French Michelin-starred chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten whipping up dinner for two. 

The Mark Hotel

6. The Wandering Vagabond

Hautlence and Cortina Watch team up for a unique limited edition.

The ever-unconventional Swiss watchmaker Hautlence has created a particularly special run for its dealer and partner Cortina Watch. The HL Vagabonde Cortina Watch Limited Edition (RM165,000, limited to five pieces) is an elegant and dressy timepiece with the brand’s signature ‘TV screen’ shape. The wandering hours movement is a unique take on timekeeping, while its intricacies are hinted at with blue open-worked discs — these are also a classy and striking contrast to the textured silvered dial and red gold case. 


7. Take Heart

There’s plenty of joy to be found in Chopard’s Happy Hearts timepiece.

A lady with a heart of gold deserves only the best, as Chopard will undoubtedly agree – which is why they’ve released their Happy Hearts timepiece (CHF6,250/RM26,318) as a talisman for big-hearted women. A symbol of the perfect union, the watch combines two of the Swiss Maison’s most iconic collections: the emblematic Happy Hearts jewellery collection and its ever-popular Happy Sport watch. Three diamonds, a red heart, and a diamond-set heart dance freely across the white dial, fuelled by Chopard’s perpetually renewed spirit of joie de vivre as the timepiece keeps pace with a beating heart. 


8. A Close Call

An exquisite Maison Close corset that makes its wearer look good enough to eat.

Maison Close’s Jardin Impérial corset (€300/RM1,427) really should come with a warning about dangerous curves ahead, given the ease with which its soft lace and stretch satin structure adheres to every contour. Available in a flattering shade of chestnut, the corset reflects the subtle Belle Époque libertinism and Haute Couture references that Maison Close is famous for, and comes fitted with suspender straps and tantalising hook-and-eye closures. Pair with matching briefs, two glasses of the finest champagne, and a Do Not Disturb sign on your door. 

Maison Close

9. Crimson Peak

Coco de Mer raises temperatures (and pulses) with its Renaissance collection.

Sensuality, temptation, and seduction all permeate Coco de Mer’s new Renaissance lingerie collection, which explores erotica from the perspective of the Italian Renaissance era’s most influential artists. The Venus slip in red lace (£395/RM2,080), for instance, is a nod to Botticelli’s infamous Primavera painting and its central figure – Venus – the Roman goddess of love and beauty. A plunging neckline, high slit at the side, and intricate lace pattern inspired by the Italian master’s depiction of fruit and flora (and all its connotations of desire) make for a perfect gift that won’t stay wrapped for long. 

Coco de Mer

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Published April 2, 2019