This First Jewellery Collection By Giorgio Armani Is Exquisitely On-Trend

Some Like It HAute

Few designers are as respected as Giorgio Armani, whose enduring appeal in the fashion world speaks volumes about his personal sense of beauty, as well as his passionate and innovative approach towards design. This spring/summer season sees him introduce a new form of creativity: the Giorgio Armani Privé Haute Jewellery Collection (prices range between US$20,000/RM82,730 and $190,000/RM785,960), featuring Art Deco-inspired styles entirely hand-assembled by master jewellers. Rather like Armani’s Haute Couture pieces, each haute jewellery creation bears the designer’s distinctive refined, clean lines, particularly a magnificent choker set with rubies, red agate, brilliant-cut diamonds, onyx, emerald-cut sapphires, and coral.

Now feast your eyes on the Giorgio Armani Privé Haute Jewellery Collection in this gallery.



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