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Bentley Kuala Lumpur Honours A Century Of Motoring Excellence

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In 1913, Walter Owen Bentley had an epiphany. While working at a car factory, he spied an aluminium paperweight and wondered how the material might perform as a piston. He forged his dream into reality and swapped out the regular cast-iron piston of a Sopwith Camel aeroplane engine. This innovation laid the roots for what was to become Bentley Motors Ltd, incorporated in 1919.

The Blower Bentley made its debut in 1931. This 4.5 litre engine featured a menacing looking supercharger that protruded out the bottom of the grill. Through war time and financial woes, Bentley went on to win a string of Le Mans victories. Then they debuted the Bentley Continental R Type in 1952.

At an intimate dinner for owners and guests, Bentley Motor’s 100th birthday was celebrated with the unveiling of the all new Continental GT Convertible. The five-course indulgence that followed next was inspired by the original menu at the 1927 Le Mans dinner.

Curated by Chef Nathalie Arbefeuille, proceedings were initiated by an impassioned speech by Katya Zavialova, Country Manager for Southeast Asia. Tracing the brand’s history, she noted, “Bentley would not be the brand it is today without the people behind it – be it employers as well as customers. This Centenary Dinner was a opportunity for us to honour the people and moments of our past, present and future, as well as celebrate the customers who have supported us throughout the years.”

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Published July 1, 2019