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MST Golf Has Just Launched PXG’s New 0211 Irons At An Indoor High Performance Centre That Will Knock Your Socks Off

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MST Golf’s highly regarded reputation among local players just got a bigger boost, with the launch of PXG’s new 0211 Irons. At a simple affair attended by friends of the brand, PXG Asean and China Operations and Sales Manager, Emmenuel Goh, and PXG ambassador, Stuart Ginn, the fresh 0211 iron was debuted and then test-driven by a hidden-away facility of world class standards. But more on that in a moment.

The new 0211 iron is the first cast iron produced by PXG. Featuring an evolutionary hollow cavity design head and ultra-thin HT1770 steel face insert filled with high-speed COR2 polymer, this material is 20 percent faster than the previously used TPE, generating more ball speed and tighter dispersion. The polymer also enhances feel and sound impact. Additionally, each club face is laser welded around the perimeter of the body instead of the face itself, a process which expands the overall size of the sweet spot, improving ball speed on mishits.

The 0211 set design combines both a progressive blade length and an offset to optimise playability. The blade length gets progressively shorter as it transitions from the long irons into the mid and short irons, and the amount of offset decreases going from the top of the set to the pitching wedge. Noticeably absent from each head are the tungsten and titanium screws positioned around the perimeter of the existing 0311 iron head profile. The weights had to be removed to “manage the unit cost," but the heads were still optimized to produce comparable launch conditions and performance.

The new 0211 iron supplements the current PXG products line up, consisting of PXG GEN2 woods and GEN2 0311 irons available at PXG’s Fitting Studio within selected MST Golf Tech Shop locations. However, to fully appreciate PXG’s unique offerings, get yourself to MST Golf’s Petaling Jaya showroom along the Federal Highway. Tucked away on the second floor, are a host of cutting-edge suites that easily rival the most renown golf performance centres around the globe. Staffed by highly-trained fitters, you’ll hardly believe such a facility exists in such a nondescript location. Available for group bookings, this is the ideal venue for indoor golfing with valuable work partners, without sacrificing on any creature comforts.

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Published July 24, 2019