This Celestial Wisdom Collection From Royal Selangor Will Turn Any Room Into A Space For Contemplation

The pewter statues of Royal Selangor’s Celestial Wisdom collection are a reverent depiction of one of mankind’s most influential thinkers. Confucius, who lived from 551 to 479 BC, was an ancient Chinese philosopher whose teachings still inform today’s systems of morality, justice and governance. The contemplative seated figure of Confucius (RM6,000) is 25cm in height and replete with intricate, wizened detail. The collection also includes five of his most accomplished followers—Yanhui, Minsun, Ranyong, Duanmu Ci, and Zhongyou (RM3,000 each)—with each model sporting attire and accessories best suited to their personality.

The designs of the statues are a reproduction of the sculpture work of renowned artist—and lifelong student of Confucianism—Chiang Yi-Tze. Each also comes with display stand crafted out of dark walnut wood and fitted with a handwoven bamboo mat.

Royal Selangor

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