Camp Sarika At Amangiri Is The Perfect Getaway For Adventure Enthusiasts And Nature Lovers

Amidst the dramatic landscape of Utah’s iconic flat-topped mesa rock formations and plunging canyons, Camp Sarika—a new addition to the famous Amangiri resort—will spring into action this coming April. Named after the Sanskrit word for ‘open space’ and ‘sky’, the luxury encampment consists of 10 tented pavilions with their own private pools, along with a central pavilion and restaurant, two spa suites, one main swimming pool, and a Jacuzzi. Five national parks surround Camp Sarika, which sits on 55 hectares of wild, wonderful desert—although reassuringly, it’s just a five-minute drive (or a 30-minute hike, if you’re feeling active) from Amangiri.

A wealth of adventure activities such as desert and mountain hiking, canyoneering, or horseback riding enables guests to charge headfirst into the magical scenery of the American Southwest, as well as to connect with nature wholeheartedly. Similarly, a complex immersion into Native American culture comes through storytelling and stargazing around the campfire, along with a comprehensive menu of spa therapies inspired by traditional Navajo wellness practices. As a final touch of wildness, Camp Sarika’s open kitchen boasts a rotisserie grill, serving its dishes on cedar and slate carving boards which you can dive upon with just fingers and no cutlery – the best and most primal way of all.


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