Diamonds Are Truly On Display With The Harry Winston Ocean Biretrograde Watch

The new Harry Winston Ocean Biretrograde Automatic 42mm is about as understated as a diamond-studded, indicator-happy timepiece can be. It combines some of the brand’s favoured design elements including an off-centre hours and minutes dial and retrograde displays, but in a regal and satisfyingly symmetric layout. A round, magnifying date window at six o’clock completes it. Retrograde displays are always captivating, and Harry Winston has opted for a 30-second indicator at the lower left, which means twice the fun per minute. The day display opposite, naturally, will only conduct its full sweep once a week.

Befitting the company’s eponymous founder, who was known as the King of Diamonds, the watch is equipped with 367 brilliant-cut diamonds totalling approximately 4.5 carats. A dazzling 127 of these are on the mother-of-pearl dial, artfully bordering the many displays and are a luxurious complement to the shimmering, guilloche-patterned surfaces. The indicators are slightly elevated as well, granting a touch of three-dimensional depth.

The self-winding movement within boasts of a 65-hour power reserve and a silicone balance spring. Despite its opulent nature, the watch has a bit of a sporting flair with its 100-metre water resistance and luminescent hands. 

Harry Winston

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