The Datai Langkawi’s Chef Adee Shows You How To Make The Perfect Prawn Curry

If you missed Robb Report Malaysia’s ‘At Home with Robb’ webinar featuring a live online cook-along session at The Datai Langkawi, here’s your chance to experience the cooking class and make this special curry dish. Hosted by Contributing Editor Renyi Lim and Chef Adee, the 30-minute webinar shows viewers the easy but crucial steps of making Gulai Udang Tumis Darat – a Malay prawn curry with pineapple, green beans, and tomatoes.

Predominantly filmed on-site at The Datai Langkawi’s award-winning restaurant, The Gulai House, Chef Adee also addresses the difference between store-bought and homemade curry powders, and the advantages of harvesting herbs from The Datai’s sustainable permaculture garden. As they’re currently closed due to the nationwide lockdown, with plans to reopen as soon as the restrictions are lifted (targeting mid-June), this is undoubtedly the next-best alternative to experiencing a lesson at the resort’s cookery school, The Dapur.

Watch the video and make this scrumptious prawn curry for dinner tonight.

For the curry:

300 ml Vegetable stock/water
40 g Curry Powder (for fish and seafood)
10 g Fresh ripe tomato
10 g Green beans
20 g Tamarind paste
150 g Tiger prawns
100 g Thickly sliced pineapple
150 ml Coconut milk

Salt & sugar to taste

For sautéed ingredients

50 g Sliced shallots
30 g Julienned ginger
30 g Sliced garlic
15 g Curry leaves
15 g Mixed herbs (halba campur)
40 g Cooking oil (for sautéing)

Salt & sugar to taste

You can also download the menu here.

The Datai Langkawi

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