At The New Pairi Daiza Resort In Belgium, You Get To Fall Asleep With Walruses

Forget walking with elephants, what about sleeping with walruses? This newly opened Pairi Daiza Resort in Belgium features a unique underwater suite that overlooks the mesmerising marine mammal.

Walrus House occupies the lower level of Land of the Cold, which opened at the Pairi Daiza Resort recently. The one-of-a-kind space is characterised by an expansive glass wall that allows guests to come face-to-face with playful walruses while relaxing in five-star luxury.

Sporting an Arctic colourway of ice blue, white and silver, the open-plan suite is replete with high-end furnishings—think white onyx and gilded brass—and features a plush double bed, a comfortable lounge area with TV, an ensuite and plenty of icy motifs. Best of all, you have a clear view of the walruses in their natural underwater world.

Of course, if walruses aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other animals that you can share a wall with. The three-level hotel also features rooms facing polar bears on the lower level, along with suites overlooking penguins and Siberian tigers on the ground level. The top level, meanwhile, offers rooms with views across the entire award-winning Pairi Daiza zoo, which features more than 7,000 animals.

The zoo decided to open the new 50-room resort following the success of its current hotel offering. The existing rooms, which overlook bears, wolves, deer and sea lion, have an occupancy rate of 82 percent and this expansion will double the number of overnight visits at the zoo.

A stay at the Walrus House starts at €1,151 (about RM5,719) for two adults. In addition to the suite itself, guests will have access to the zoo and be treated to breakfast and dinner, as well as a special welcome gift. Booking a room at the resort also financially supports a myriad of conservation projects.

A new half-board package is now offered by the resort and it includes a two-day access to the park, an overnight stay in a unique room, breakfast, dinner and more. The package goes for just €129 (roughly RM641) per person.

Pairi Daiza


Photos: Pairi Daiza

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