The Dyson Digital Slim Vacuum Is Perfectly Made For Malaysian Homes

Dyson, it seems, has a bottomless supply of revolutionary home appliance concepts. The Digital Slim (from RM2,599) is the next evolution of Dyson’s cordless vacuum line-up, specifically designed for Asian households. It is lightweight and manoeuvrable for homes with a smaller footprint – in fact, it is 20 percent smaller and 30 percent lighter than the V11, the previous generation flagship. It is also the lightest Dyson vacuum to date – and its design is geared particularly for superfine dust pickup on hardwood floors, making it ideal for achieving that extra-clean barefoot feel, while its user-friendliness makes frequent usage easier.

Developed over two years through some 2,300 prototypes, the Digital Slim’s key components such as the motor, cleaning head and cyclone had to be re-engineered to fit the design intent. The LCD screen is a convenient way to monitor battery life and cleaning mode, while the battery itself is swappable for extra-long cleaning sessions.



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