Japanese Restaurant Ebisu Brings Their Flair For Omakase To Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur

When it comes to Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur’s dining outlets, much of the spotlight may have fallen on Horizon Grill in recent months for their now-Internet famous RM460 burger. Five floors down on level 53, however, is Ebisu – a Japanese restaurant previously located in Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur (also managed by Banyan Tree) that’s equally deserving of attention, especially after its recent relocation in mid-June.

With this move comes a newly streamlined menu for Ebisu at Altitude, giving its seasonal and omakase offerings a chance to shine as brightly as the lights in Kuala Lumpur’s skyline, which twinkle enchantingly before the restaurant’s wide windows once evening falls. Streamlined hardly stands for limited, though – the overwhelming majority of Ebisu’s ingredients are delivered from Japan twice a week, giving the culinary team plenty of source material to work with. 

The Autumn menu, for instance, features season-specific treats such as oysters from Hiroshima, Wagyu beef braised in red wine, abalone with hearty vegetables, and Boston lobster served sashimi-style or grilled with ginger. As for experiencing an omakase meal at Ebisu (prices range between RM480 to RM880 per person), executive chef Ricky Kamishi and his equally friendly second-in-command, assistant Japanese chef Johnny Au Yong, delight in feeding guests until they’re satisfied.

Over a seven-course omakase lunch or dinner, expect dishes that remain in the memory long after they’ve been eaten: a teapot seafood broth flavoured with sea bream and aromatic matsutake mushrooms, enjoyed cupful by cupful with a squeeze of sudachi lime. A live ark shell clam, bluefin otoro tuna, flounder fin, and scallops topped with sea urchin are all served dramatically over dry ice, alongside a most unusual addition of sliced – not grated – wasabi for a unique kick. 

In an ode to the season, abalone is gently stewed with Japanese turnip, pumpkin, sweet yam, and maple leaf-shaped kazarigiri decorations. Chef Yong is a dab hand with the grill too, presenting an adeptly seared platter of Wagyu tenderloin, King Crab, and a Hokkaido scallop, and finally making short work of slicing the best Japanese fruits available, be they musk melons or white strawberries.

Banyan Tree

Photos: Law Soo Phye

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