Royal Selangor Collaborates With The Balvenie Whisky To Create This Fine Treasure

What does a Scotch whisky distillery have in common with a Malaysian pewterer? Enough, as it turns out, to form an ambitious collaboration that celebrates tradition and craft. As part of The Balvenie ‘Handcrafted By’ campaign, the distillery has partnered with Royal Selangor to produce a limited-edition collector’s box that showcases each brand’s respective expertise – the first of such collaborations in Malaysia.

Limited-Edition Collector’s Box

Royal Selangor needs little introduction in Malaysia. The homegrown pewter manufacturer was founded in 1885 and over the decades has flourished into an internationally renowned company, one that has worked with illustrious designers and even pop culture powerhouses such as Disney. Still family-owned, Royal Selangor’s success is rooted in its commitment to products that continue to be handcrafted today.

Likewise, The Balvenie was founded in 1892 and its methods are centuries old. It is a fully integrated whisky-maker; it grows its own barley on its 1,000-acre farm, is one of only seven distilleries that still has a malting floor and maintains its own cooperage and a team of coppersmiths to attend to the stills.

“In this world, true craftsmanship is becoming a rare commodity, so we truly value those who share the same dedication, passion and heart for maintaining these unique trades,” Brett Bayly, Regional Brand Ambassador at William Grant & Sons, the family-owned company that owns The Balvenie.

The Balvenie 12 Years Gift Pack

“In some ways, this has been the perfect collaboration,” says Chen Tien Yue, Executive Director of Royal Selangor and whose great-grandfather founded the company. “These are two brands from two very different industries…but despite the different industries, these two brands have so much in common. Craftsmanship is a core value, and an unwavering focus for over 100 years. These similar values have been captured in this collector’s box.”

The Balvenie 14 Years Gift Pack

The collector’s box, of which only fifteen will be made, is crafted out of dark walnut wood and encased in pewter with a hand-hammered, dimpled finish that is a trademark of Royal Selangor. Their hand-crafted nature means that no two will be exactly alike, but each has about 8,000 dimples – each one formed by the tap of a craftsperson’s hammer. Each box takes six days to complete.

The Balvenie 17 Years Gift Pack

The box, which doubles as a display stand when opened, contains the buyer’s choice of three premium Balvenie whiskies. They must be chosen from expressions over 30 years old and have a cumulative value of at least £32,700 (approximately RM180,000). That value is surprisingly easy hit given The Balvenie’s deep portfolio of incredibly aged whiskies including those of 50 years or more.

Separately, one will also be able to purchase a gift pack of a Balvenie up to 17 years old; these are bundled with a Royal Selangor whisky glass that has a pewter base. These are more widely available at retailers.

Royal Selangor

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