Aston Martin’s Special ‘Q’ Division Has Created A Bold New Vantage Roadster

The actual Aston Martin A3 is the third chassis ever made by the British carmaker, a pre-production prototype made 100 years ago. It is the brand’s oldest surviving car, and to celebrate its centenary, Aston Martin HWM – the longest-serving Aston Martin dealership – commissioned something special from Q, the marque’s bespoke service division. Only three of these ‘A3’ Vantage Roadsters will ever be made.

The result of this project is the Vantage Roadster as it has never been seen before. It has an aluminium-bordered black mesh front grille that recalls that of the original A3 chassis. On this sits a small brass-coloured badge depicting the original Aston Martin logo. The side fender panels are a contrasting aluminium tone, engraved with ‘NO_3’ and are fitted with a decorative leather strap that references the bare metal bonnet with pull-straps of the A3. Visible behind glossy black wheels are bronze brake callipers. Inside, the Vantage’s sporty-elegant interior is enhanced with retro details such as brass rotary switches and an embossed, period-accurate logo on the centre console.

Aston Martin

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