Hublot And Designer Samuel Ross Mark Their Partnership With This Sculptural Timepiece

Hublot wants to put a sculpture on your wrist. At least, that’s the artsy ethos behind its newest release. Made in collaboration with brand ambassador and A-Cold-Wall founder Samuel Ross, the new watch mirrors artwork the British fashion designer created to mark their partnership in 2020. It’s the first collaborative timepiece between the two, and has been aptly named the Big Bang Tourbillon Samuel Ross.

The watch is nothing if not striking. It sports a 45mm satin-polished case with an eye-catching orange crown, lug and strap. Its primary design element, however, is a bonkers titanium hexagonal mesh that mirrors tiny honeycombs, which you’ll spot on the watch’s case, open-worked dial, case back and strap.


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“Samuel Ross’ 360-degree approach is unique and intelligent, incorporating the watch, packaging, communication and visual identity,” Hublot CEO Richard Guadalupe said in a statement. “What is so special about this collaboration is the direct interaction between design and object, ideas and form.”

Indeed, fans of Ross’s high-end streetwear designs will easily connect the watch’s use of geometry with his techy apparel and accessories. The example’s color choice, however, is something of a departure from the designer’s clothing, which relies primarily on a darker colour palette. In this case, the bright hue—which is also featured in the original artwork—represents energy and optimism. The honeycomb design, meanwhile, is meant to reflect things seen in nature, such as a beehive, snake scales or even a snowflake. Running on Hublot’s HUB6035 calibre, the timepiece delivers an impressive 72-hour power reserve.

Ross is the youngest artist ever to collaborate with the Swiss watchmaker. At just 25 years old, he launched A-Cold-Wall, which has come to be known for its original use of materials and for incorporating Brutalist and abstract art concepts. In 2019, Ross won the Hublot Design Prize for his multidisciplinary approach to design—as well as for two objects he created, Concave 1 Steel Bench and Terminal 1, that were made using upcycled materials. Clearly, it was the start of an intriguing partnership—and now there’s a timepiece to show for it.

You can order the Big Bang Tourbillon Samuel Ross watch now on Hublot’s website below.


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