The All-New Range of Sony BRAVIA XR 4K Televisions Will Immerse You Right In Heart Of The Show

It’s amazing how far the humble television has come. It seems like only yesterday that TVs were bulky, energy-guzzling contraptions that hardly showed you the entire picture. But nowadays, state-of-the-art technologies and amazing innovations are bringing the cinema into every home. Right at the cutting edge of personal cinematic experiences is the all-new series of Sony BRAVIA XR 4K televisions, all of which will teleport you right into the heart of the action. Highlights from this new range of state-of-the-art TVs are A80K OLED models, X95K Mini LED models and the X90K Full Array LED models. These are all now available for sale in Malaysia.

One of the best features from the new series of Sony BRAVIA XR 4K TVs is the XR Backlight Master Drive. This brand-new technology uses a proprietary algorithm to control the thousands of Mini LEDs both precisely and independently, so that your visuals feature beautifully rich colours, amazing brightness and a superb dynamic range. The Drive is powered by the Cognitive Processor XR, which further strengthens the TV’s analysing and enhancing capabilities. All of this results in movies, TV series or documentaries that are uncannily lifelike.

To accompany the tremendous sights are glorious sounds, thanks to the Acoustic Surface Audio+ (OLED models) and Acoustic Multi-Audio (LED models) technologies in the Sony BRAVIA XR series of 4K televisions. These features utilise the TV’s speakers, tweeters and/or woofers to deliver high-quality, precise sound from the right place on screen. In addition, these technologies will ensure that, no matter where you place your TV in your room, you’ll be immersed in sharp, clear audio and powerful bass. For a more personal viewing experience, consider pairing the BRAVIA XR TVs with the HT-A9 Home Theatre System or the HT-A7000 soundbar. No matter which you choose, Sony’s 360 Spatial Sound Mapping feature will calibrate the sound to the room you and the TV are in, so that you’ll be immersed right at the heart of the thrills and spills of your movie or video game.

Speaking of which, Sony has collaborated with Netflix to create the Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode for the BRAVIA XR series of televisions. This display mode ensures that you’ll enjoy the shows, movies or documentaries just as the filmmakers intended. From precise colours to true motion, the content you’re (binge-) watching will be calibrated and adjusted to all lighting conditions, thanks to the BRAVIA XR ambient light sensor. Meanwhile, all of the BRAVIA XR 4K TVs are Perfect for PlayStation 5. The televisions will automatically optimise the visuals to the best settings of the Playstation 5 console, which will help you feel like a true God of War or a motorsports champion in Gran Turismo.

These are just some of the state-of-the-art features and technologies in Sony’s all-new BRAVIA XR series of 4K televisions. With a wide variety of sizes and models to choose from, the BRAVIA XR 4K TV will take your cinematic experience or gameplay sessions to a whole new level. For more information, please visit Sony’s official website.

The Sony BRAVIA XR-X95K 4K Mini LED 85-inch model costs RM28,999; while the Sony BRAVIA XR-A80K 4K OLED TV models start from RM9,599 (55 inch); and the Sony BRAVIA XR-X90K 4K LED models start from RM5,899 (55 inch).


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