Leica’s New SL2-S Reporter Is Tough, Rugged And Ready For Action

In the market for a rugged mirrorless full-frame camera? Leica might be able to help. The German camera maker has just unveiled the SL2-S Reporter and the stylish variant’s all-metal body has a special matte green finish and fibre coating that ups its durability considerably.

The standard SL2-S, like the vast majority of Leicas, features an all-black body and the company’s iconic red dot logo. The brand’s latest Reporter-Design-Series model—the M10-P, a Q2 and a Q2 Monochrome have also received the same treatment—is a little more understated, though. Its metal body is finished in scratch-resistant dark green, wrapped in black aramid fibre coating and is completely devoid of any bright splashes of crimson.

The tweaks aren’t just for decoration, though. The brand says the SL2-S Reporter has a “special armour,” which includes IP54-rated weather sealing, allows it to better withstand extreme temperatures, shocks, dust and water. It’s still a camera, so you’ll still want to be careful and wear it with a strap, but the modifications should provide a little peace of mind as you try to get that perfect shot. The synthetic fibers of the aramid coating also provide a better grip than on the regular version.

The insides of the SL2-S Reporter have been left untouched, and it’s easy to see why. The resilient variant has a 24-megapixel CMOS-BSI sensor, the latest Maestro III processor, professional-grade 4K video capture and can shoot up to 25 fps in DNG, according to the brand. It’s also compatible with a wide range of accessories, including Leica’s SL, L-Mount Alliance and M lenses. It offers everything people have come to expect from the SL2-S camera, but in a more durable package.

The Reporter model will most likely appeal to adventurers looking to capture their latest escapades. Just be warned that production will be limited to a run of just 1,000 units. The camera is available on Leica website.


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